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Media Coverage of Traumatic Events and Acute Stress
It's OK to be informed, but binge-watching the news when disaster strikes can cause traumatic stress.
When It Comes to Milk, Organic Really May Be Better
There’s been some debate about whether organic foods really are healthier, but at least when it comes to milk, it probably is.
Promising New Treatment for Seizures Related to Liver Disease
A blood pressure medication already approved for human use may prevent seizures in those with liver disease.
Vaginal Delivery Is A Viable Option Following Caesarean Birth
Women who had a C-section with their first child often are successful giving birth vaginally for the next.
Never Underestimate the Power of A Muppet
When the Muppets tell kids about healthy eating and exercise, preschoolers listen. They even eat better years later.
A Handful of Nuts Daily Lowers Heart Disease and Cancer Risk
Simply eating a handful of nuts a day can cut the risk of cancer and heart attack -- by a lot.
A Short Course in Eating Better
It takes surprisingly little to help people shop smarter and eat better. We could probably all use a tune-up.
How Couples Use Texting Can Bring Them Closer, Drive Them Apart
The extra connection text messages offer lovers is a good thing...most of the time. When texts serve as little avowals of love, they can give a relationship an extra charge. But other kinds of communication are best done in person, so couples can read each others' reactions, according to research. And then there are those who withdraw, using texts as a way of keeping a distance.
Exercise During Pregnancy Can Improve Infant Brain Development
Exercise during pregnancy not only makes childbirth easier, it can boost babies' brain development.
Vitamin D Alone Does Little For Bone Health
Postmenopausal women tend to lose bone. Calcium supplements can help, but does D make a difference?